Our kennel was created gradually as we more and more “fallen down” to this amazing breed. We bought our first PWD (Ernani Canto Mokrz Bandita alias Oakley) in 2010 as unsuspecting dog lovers who prefer non-flowing breeds. It was the first Portuguese Water Dog imported to Slovakia.

At home we already had a Bichon a poil frise and we knew that the next dog must also be non-flowing, but at the same time it should be proportionally a little bigger and a little more active. Since we own a Training School for Dogs, we knew that we would have enough time to devote to it and thus his lively temperament and tirelessness will not be an obstacle for us. We were also looking for a suitable companion for children and for the performance of canistherapy, as in our Training School we also prepare dogs for canistherapy and this breed really has all the prerequisites for an amazing therapeutic dog.

Since this breed is not very widespread in Slovakia yet, we had to look beyond the borders at our neighbors (Czech Republic), where after long communication via e-mails with the breeder agreed on a personal meeting, as we had never seen the PWD. It was love at first sight! We immediately fell in love with the PWD and could not wait for our puppy. About a year after we brought home the PWD (Oakley), we knew that we would not stay with only one PWD, but our family responsibilities (the birth of children…) delayed our dream a little.

But finally, when the children grew up a bit, we immediately brought a beautiful brown female (Bohemia Princess Rei Pescador alias Shelby). Since we still think that there is no better breed than the Portuguese Water Dog, we decided to help this amazing breed a little in Slovakia and so our kennel was created, which will try to keep the quality of breeding at the highest level and at the same time spread this breed also in Slovakia, not only abroad.

Now, we have three PWDs, the last one came to us Shelby’s son – Amadeus Black Water Diamond alias Jethro.

😊Really “important” warning: few people will be left with only one PWD after buying a first PWD😊